Types of Machine Sealants | Choose The Right One For Your Car|

Types of Machine Sealants | Choose The Right One For Your Car|

Machine sealants are like magical shields for your car, protecting it from all the external elements like sun, rain, and dirt. How important is picking the proper sealant? It’s like choosing the perfect cover that protects your car for a long time without harm. So, let’s delve into the world of sealants and help you choose the right one for your car. 


Understanding Machine Sealants 


As stated earlier, machine sealants are the armour for your car’s external surface. It protects your car from UV rays, water, and other external factors.

.These sealants guard your car’s paint, giving it a shield of toughness. They’re the defenders that help your car look shiny and new for extended periods. It keeps your paint intact, while water repellency keeps raindrops from leaving ugly marks.

Additionally, they don’t wear off quickly, sticking around to keep your car looking at its best. So, if you want your car to stay shiny and protected, these sealants would be your car’s best friend.


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Types of Machine Sealants 


Silicone-Based Sealants

They work great for protection! Their smoothness makes water slide away, keeping your car dry and shiny. Additionally, they’re compatible with almost all paint types, making them a good option for your car.



  • Superb water resistance keeps your car dry.
  • Shields against UV rays, preventing paint fading.
  • Works well on various paint types, offering flexibility.



  • They can attract dust due to their smoothness.
  • It is tricky to remove once applied needing special attention.

Acrylic-Based Sealants

These sealants give your car a shiny, glossy finish, forming a protective layer. They’re easy to apply and give your car a  dazzling sparkle. However, they might not last as long as other types, so they need more frequent reapplication to keep your car looking its best.


  • Gives a shiny, glossy look to your car.
  • Easy to apply, making DIY tasks more straightforward.
  • A budget-friendly option for regular touch-ups.



  • Needs more frequent reapplication for lasting shine.
  • It may provide less protection than other types.


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Polymer-Based Sealants

They are known for their durability! They create a rigid shield on your car that lasts longer than many other sealants. Their durability makes them great for those who want lasting protection without frequent reapplications. However, they might offer a different glossy finish than acrylic-based sealants.



  • It lasts longer than many other sealants, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Forms a strong shield against various environmental elements.



  • It may not provide the same glossy finish as acrylic sealants.
  • They can be pricier due to their durability.


Choosing the proper sealant for your car depends on your preferences. If you want lasting protection, go for polymer-based ones. 

For a glossy shine, acrylic-based sealants might be your best bet. And if you seek versatility and water resistance, silicone-based sealants are the way to go!


Factors in Choosing the Right Sealant 


Choosing the proper sealant for your car depends on a few essential things. 

  • First, your car’s surface and paint type make a big difference. Different paints need different kinds of sealants. Some sealants work better with certain paints or surfaces. 
  • Next, think about how long you want the sealant to last. Some last longer than others, and that affects your choice. Consider where you drive, too. Harsh weather or rough roads can impact how long the sealant sticks around.

So, when picking a sealant, think about your car’s paint, how durable you need it to be, and how easy it is to use and maintain. That way, you’ll find the perfect match that keeps your car shining bright for longer.


How to Choose the Right Machine Sealant?

Assessment Checklist

Surface Type- Check what your car’s made of—metal, clear coat, or matte finish.

Weather Conditions– Consider your environment—hot, humid, or cold?

Time Factor– How long do you want the sealant to last? Few months or years?

Ease of Application– Are you a DIY person or prefer professional help?

Maintenance– How much effort are you willing to put into upkeep?

Factors to Prioritize

Surface Sensibility- Delicate surfaces need extra gentle sealants.

Weather Warriors– For extreme conditions, prioritise weather-resistant sealants.

Longevity Lovers– Want it to stick around? Choose durable, long-lasting sealants.

DIY or Not?-Opt for user-friendly ones if you plan to do it yourself.

Maintenance Matters– Lower maintenance sealants for a hassle-free life.

The bottom line is Silicone ones are good for super-shiny looks but might only last for a while.

Acrylic ones are in the middle, offering decent protection and a nice shine. Polymer sealants are the tough ones they’re great at guarding your car and last a long time. So, silicone’s flashy, acrylic’s balanced, and polymer’s like the tough guy. Each has perks, so pick the one that matches your car’s needs most: a shiny coat, balance, or strong protection.

Still confused about picking the right one for your car? Get in touch with Ob Exotics and let the professional guide you with the best machine sealants option.

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