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Want to renovate your car with the best car wash in Whitehorse?

Drop in your car and get amazed.

Ob Exotics in White Horse offers you a range of premium services like an exterior car wash, interior car wash, ceramic coating, engine bay clean and complete car detailing. We are a certified company in Australia to provide premium car cleaning services. Contact us today to book an appointment and make your car sparkle.

The car detailing procedure entails completing deep cleaning externally and internally. In a sense, your car feels like a completely new one. It is known to boost the engine's efficiency and extend the shelf life. Car detailing package might seem pricey at first glance, but it actually saves money in the long run. Getting car detailing a few times a year improves both its appearance and performance.

OB Exotics is a premium Car wash in White Horse, Melbourne cleanses your car fully inside and out while car detailing makes your car regain its charm just like when it was new.

OB Exotics provides the following services for your car:

  • - External car wash (console cleaning, glass and door cleaning, vehicle painting, polishing with UV protection, complete internal deodorization with internal aspirator, wax and ceramic coating).
  • - Interior details (interior car wash, surface cleaning of wheels and tires, interior sanitizing and deodorizing, fully automatic vacuuming, full steam cleaning of seats and carpets and dashboard finishes, UV-protected cleaning inside the trunk of the car, cleaning of both interiors) and external surfaces of doors and windows, reconditioning of the leather and cleaning of the engine compartment.
  • -Paint correction treatments (cutting and polishing, iron decontamination, swirl removal, application of a paint sealer with a clay bar and touch-up paint if necessary).

Therefore, before taking your car in for service, carefully consider your needs. Also, stay away from the advice of others. Implement the strategies that you believe will work best for your car.

Our professional's car cleaners provide you with the best premium car cleaning in White Horse. Considering your busy schedule we have introduced a mobile car detailing service at your convenience. Now you don't have to wait in a car detailing shop; instead, our car cleaning experts will come to you and finish the job.

Get the most fulfilling service for your car that it deserves. We ensure you the best whitehorse car care and detailing service .We are a certified company in Australia providing premium car detailing services for renovating the way your car looks and feels.

We are available all across Eastern suburbs-MANNINGHAM, MONASH and NUNAWADING . We provide services in all suburbs of White Horse including Box Hill, Box Hill North, Box Hill South, Burwood, Mont Albert and Mont Albert North.

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