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Exterior mobile car detailing services right at your doorstep


What do we offer

Full car wash

Inside vacuum

Dash and door trim detail

Full polishing of interior

Iron decontamination


Machine polishing

Machine Paint sealant Application

Tyre dressing and Windows clean

Wheels clean

Door jambs clean and Exterior trim dressing

The door’s surface and console area were clean and dressed.


Exterior detail

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Ultimate Exterior detail

  • Full car wash
  • Iron decontamination
  • Claybar
  • Machine sealant Application
  • Machine polishing
  • Tyre and wheels cleaning
  • Door jambs clean
  • Exterior trim dressing

Exotic Car Exterior detail

  • Full car wash
  • Inside vacuum
  • Dash and door trims detail
  • Full polishing in interior
  • Iron decontamination
  • Claybar
  • Machine polishing
  • Machine Paint sealant Application
  • Tyre dressing
  • Windows clean
  • Wheels clean
  • Door jambs clean
  • Exterior trim dressing
  • Door’s surface and console area clean and dressed.

Additional Services

Call or Message: 0434 664 333

Extra dirty or muddy cars will be charged extra

Engine bay clean

Hybrid ceramic wax application

Head light restoration

No Rain water treatment on windows

No Fog Treatment on windows

Avail best premium exterior car detailing services in Melbourne around the suburbs of Dandenong, Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Outer Melbourne, Frankston, South Melbourne-


does everything on the external surface of your car to make it spotless and give it a seamless finish. Its removes dirt, grime and dust particles from your car’s surface by deep cleansing it and later on adding a protective wax or ceramic coating to give that glass-like shine. While regular car washes involve soap & water we used advanced technology to deep cleanse your car it entails processes like clay bar treatment that sucks out dirt that is deep-seated. This ensures your car paint looks flawless too as with time dirt particles make your car surface uneven.

It is always advised to consult professional cleaners or take their help while getting an exterior car wash for your car. Car washing involves many chemicals and advanced tools so precision is needed otherwise you might end up doing more harm than good for your precious car. Often wrong techniques can strip the top layer of your Paint making it look duller with time. So availing of proper car detailing services to get seamless requires some professional techniques and products to bring out the best.

Some do & don't before opting for steam cleaning:

It is always recommended to rinse the vehicle first otherwise the dirt & grime particles later when scrubbed can cause scratches on the smooth surfaces of your car.

Try washing your car starting from the top and gradually descending down. This not only washes out all the dirt smoothly but also prevents dirt from getting into places that are already clean.

Wipe your car immediately after getting it washed. Leaving it to air dry is never a good shine as it leaves water spots and beads that make your paint look dull.

Use micro fibre towels to wipe the car surface as they are gentle on the car surface instead of old rags or clothes that can cause scratches on your car.

While using clay for advanced cleaning make sure the lubricant is used on the surface and the clay is clean as it might cause scratches.

Use an applicator while applying wax to avoid any damage.


Benefits of steam cleaning over convenient cleaning

  • Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly procedure to deep clean your car without causing any harmful chemicals that damage your environment. It reduces a greater amount of water consumption as compared to the conventional methods of cleaning. The great speed and heat in the steam help in getting rid of deep-seated dirt and debris. It also helps in making your car germ free as the high temperature kills all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

  • As fascinating as it might sound using the equipment must be done with absolute precision as it might hurt you if you are not mindful of it. Be cautious of wearing protective gear while opting for steam cleaning. Following the instruction and maintaining a safe distance is imperative before you begin with the procedure.

  • Detailing costs might bother you but don't forget the benefits are a lot more than the usual car washes. Car detailing uses premium quality products that deep clean your car restores the lost shine and improve the functionality of your car. While regular car washes simply wash off the dirt from the superficial level and it might look affordable to you but what is better than frequent car washes or car detailing 2-3 times a year?