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Mobile Car Detailing service in Bayside South Melbourne

Get the best mobile car detailing service in Bayside area

There are so many car washes and car detailing car services in Bayside but have you ever thought about the checkboxes that need to be checked before dropping your car in there?

Ob Exotics in Bayside offers you a range of premium services like an exterior car wash, interior car wash, ceramic coating, engine bay clean and complete car detailing. We are a certified company in Australia to provide premium car cleaning services. Contact us today to book an appointment and make your car sparkle.

There are so many car washes and car detailing car services in Bayside but have you ever thought about the checkboxes that need to be checked before dropping your car in there?

Car detailing does so much more to your car consisting of the exterior, and deep interior cleaning that entails broad elaborate processes mentioned below. It basically transforms your car into a brand-new one. Also, car detailing is known to increase the shelf life of your vehicle and enhance your engine’s performance. Car detailing package might sen pricey to you at a glance but it actually saves you money. Instead of getting petty car washes regularly that just wash off the dirt superficially, getting car detailing services for your car a few times a year keeps it looking brand new along with enhancing its performance.

OB Exotics is a premium Car wash in Bayside, Melbourne cleans your car entirely inside and out while car detailing completely upgrades your car by reconditioning.

    Here we are going to tell you about the range of services that you can get for your car to completely change the way your ride feels in it. They are:

    • - A car wash ( Exterior car wash, Dry chamois, clean wheels, Console clean up, Clean the doors, complete internal vacuum, cleaned windows, vehicle dressing, door polish UV protectant, deodorise internally, wax coating and ceramic coating)
    • - Interior detailing ( interior car wash, Wheels and tyre cleaning, dressing the tyre application of a wax coat, disinfecting and deodorise, complete auto vacuum, full steam-cleaned car seats and carpet, polished door and dash trim, UV protectant cleaning inside of a car boot, cleaning both interior and exterior windows, treatment for leather, polishing the entire interior and car engine bay clean. )
    • -Paint correction treatment ( cut and polish, swirls treatment, iron decontamination, clay bar and machine paint sealant application, touch-up paint according to customer's request).

    So before you drop in your car to a car servicing first think about your requirements and never get lured to people’s advice. See what suits best for your car and get it done.

    • Our professional's car cleaners cater to the best premium car cleaning in Bayside To save you time we have also a mobile car detailing service at the comfort of your house. Now you don't need to wait hours in the car detailing shop instead our professional car cleaners will reach you and get the entire service done.
    • Get the best service for your car that it deserves. We assure you with the best reliable car detailing service in Bayside, Melbourne. We are a certified company in Australia catering premium car detailing services for transforming the way your car looks and feels.
    • We are available all across South Melbourne - Caulfield, Malvern, and Frankston. We provide services in all suburbs of Bayside including Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Highett and Sandringham. Call us today!