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Spray Coating & car detailing services right at your doorstep


What do we offer

Clay bar treatment

Iron decontamination

Swirls treatment

Cut & Polish

Machine Paint Sealant application

Minor Paint touch up on the customer

Graphene Coating

Ceramic Coating

Wheels Ceramic

Windows coating


Paint Correction Treatment

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Ultimate Paint correction treatment

All the services that include in Basic exterior detail(along with the addition of)

  • All the services that include in exterior detail
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Iron decontamination
  • Swirls treatment
  • Cut & Polish
  • Machine Paint Sealant application
  • Minor Paint touch up on customer request
**With no extra Charges

Paint Protection Packages available

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  • Graphene Coating
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Wheels Ceramic coating
  • Windows coating from

Additional Services

Call or Message: 0434 664 333

Extra dirty or muddy cars will be charged extra

Engine bay clean

Hybrid ceramic wax application

Head light restoration

No Rain water treatment on windows

No Fog Treatment on windows

Avail best premium Spray coating & car detailing services in Melbourne around the suburbs of Dandenong, Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Outer Melbourne, Frankston, South Melbourne-

Your car is a part of your social identity and when it gets that seamless shine it makes you feel good isn't it? Our premium spray coating services impart a long-lasting shine & colour that will give your car a glass-like shine.

Our professional car detailers have unparalleled expertise and years of experience to deliver you a service you would never forget. The results will amaze you completely and you won't be able to tell whether its your old car or is some sort of an illusion. Whether it's a minor paint job or extensive detailing of your car we got you covered. Our range of car polishing and painting services brings out the best in your car. Makes your car shine just the way it seemed while it was new. We value your time & money so we strive to deliver you a service where the car polish cost is pretty affordable & takes very little time to get done. We take absolute care of your car to return it to you without any damage. Instead, we give a new look to your car by transforming it into a dazzling car that lacks all kinds of chips, scratches or uneven surfaces. The functionality of your car improves thus you get a smooth ride every time you get into your car.


The spray coating we use is of premium quality and our expert car detailers are well-equipped to spray paint your car and make it seem like a brand-new car. The chemicals we use for car paints are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We use advanced technology treatments and the best tools to make your car completely flawless. We strive to make your car stand out of the crowd while we restore the lost shine and glory of your car. We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and have served thousands of customers who loved our work and now rely on us completely for all their car detailing needs. Our range of spray coating services includes Clay bar treatment, Iron decontamination Swirls treatment, Cut & Polish, Machine Paint Sealant application, Minor Paint touch up on the customer, Graphene Coating, Ceramic Coating, Wheels Ceramic and Windows coating.

Spray coating in a wholesome manner adds added value to your car. Your car stays functional for a long time and you enjoy your rides completely hassle-free without worrying about its safety. OB Exotics Autocare is a certified mobile premium car detailing service in Melbourne. Our professional car detailers strive to assist you with all kinds of car detailing services with unparallel customer satisfaction. We provide car detailing services all across Australia and even provide mobile car detailing services for your convenience.

Benefits of spray coating for your car

  • It stops your car paint from discolouration or fading and protects your car from harmful UV rays.

  • Chemicals in the spray coating are stable it averts the acidic particles from the air to come in contact with paint and cause harm.

  • As it's hydrophobic it repels water so you can stay free of worries about the coating wearing off as keeps dirt and grime away too.

  • The seamless shine that sprays coating along with the polish brings is beyond everything and you can't trade it for anything better.