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Car washes are pretty important to keep your car clean but something else gives additional protection to your car too. It's car wax yes you heard it right. That thing that you thought only adds a seamless shine adds a protective shield to your car too.

Car wax is a thin transparent layer that is added on the top of your car to protect your car from everyday dirt, dust and grime particles. The main component of a good wax is Carnuba greater the amount of carnauba in it greater is the shine and gloss. Carnuba is an organic compound so it is on the pricier side but there are many inorganic waxes too that give great results too.

It is always advised to wax your car at least 2-3 times a year to retain its shine and keep your car protected all year long.On the other hand, if you opt for synthetic wax it lasts a bit more time than the usual one so it can be done within a few applications.There’s a slight caution before waxing your car. Try not to wax your car in broad daylight it will harm your car more than doing good also make sure your car is dry and cleaned thoroughly before you apply wax. By keeping this in mind you can have an even finish.

The process involves adding a protective thick wax-like layer on an existing car paint that hardens with time and is later polished off with a polisher.


Full detail

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Exotics Full Car detail

  • Car Wash
  • Deodorize and disinfect
  • Full car vacuum
  • Car seats, carpet full steam clean
  • Console and Dash surface thoroughly detailed
  • Car boot Inside clean
  • Windows cleaning inside and outside
  • Leather treatment
  • Full interior polishing
  • Dash and door trims detail
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Iron decontamination
  • Swirls treatment
  • Cut and polish
  • Machine Paint sealant Application
  • Tyre dressing
  • Wheels clean
  • Door jambs clean
  • Exterior trim dressing
  • Engine bay cleaning

Additional Services

Call or Message: 0434 664 333

Extra dirty or muddy cars will be charged extra

Engine bay clean

Hybrid ceramic wax application

Head light restoration

No Rain water treatment on windows

No Fog Treatment on windows

Avail best premium wax services in Melbourne around the suburbs of Dandenong, Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Outer Melbourne, Frankston, South Melbourne-

Well the shiny-looking layer that is applied post-washing, cleaning and polishing actually protects the external surface of the car in the long run. It forms a protective layer that protects your car from sun damage ( UV rays) and repels dirt and dust to sit on your car. It even works to make it less visible. Waxing helps in increasing the shelf life of your car in the long run as it functions as a paint sealant. The chances of facing corrosion due to rain gets minimized too with time. Using a premium quality car wax protects your car in the long run and enhances the glass like shine of your car.

What is the difference between car wax & polish?

Car polish is a step that is done prior to car wax it remains any kind of dirt, grime and dust particles and makes the surface completely smooth. Car polish is available as various forms like sprays, liquid and cream. Even electric polish is available today for advanced car finishing.Post this the car wax is then followed on this clean surface to seal it from any damage.


Benefits of spray coating for your car

  • Protection from dust, dirt, bird droppings and water Wax makes your car surface so velvety that dust , dirt and particles cannot sit on it so it so keeps you car paint intact. Same goes for bird droppings and water as car waxing keeps it away.

  • Resistance against scratches and marks- As car wax creates a protective layer so the scratches dont get into the car surface keeping you car surface flawless. Furthermore UV rays of sun tend to damage the outer surface of your car but car wax prevent any kind of damage by its protective shield

  • The shine car wax give is commendable- No kind of treatment can give your car that seamless look that a car wax can provide.It enhances your car’s financial value.


Ob Exotics car wax services are available all across Melbourne, Australia. The cost of our wax services are kept affordable yet delivers you a premium service by certified professionals. They have complete knowledge about wax and polishing so that you get a stellar shine for your car.

OB Exotics Autocare is a certified mobile premium car detailing service in Melbourne. Our professional car detailers strive to assist you with all kinds of car detailing services with Unparallel customer satisfaction. We provide car detailing services all across Australia and even provide mobile car detailing services for your convenience. We have years of experience to deliver you the best to transform your car.